Protect what is most important to you with personal insurance solutions.


Protect what is most important to you with personal insurance solutions.

Personal Insurance helps bring peace of mind for what matters most.

Business insurance helps you protect what you've built.

Auto Insurance

Get affordable insurance for your car or truck to safeguard against financial losses and transportation hassles.

Home Insurance

Your home, your largest investment, deserves protection. Our home insurance covers the unique risks you face, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your residence.



High Net Worth Insurance

High net worth insurance isn’t just elevated personal insurance; it addresses the unique coverage needs of individuals with substantial assets.

Individual Life Insurance

Individual life insurance is a key investment for your loved ones’ future. Understanding the types helps you make the right decision for your family.

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance safeguards your belongings from loss due to theft, fire, wind, lightning, and frozen pipes. However, it usually doesn’t cover flooding.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance, like auto insurance, includes essential and optional coverage. Safeguard your investment with protection for liability, damages, accidents, and theft.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance includes coverage for personal belongings, liability, and loss of use, addressing risks specific to renters not covered by the landlord’s insurance.

Travel Insurance

In a travel policy, medical insurance is vital, covering treatment and repatriation costs to avoid financial strain during your travels.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an additional liability policy for extra peace of mind, typically obtained in addition to auto, home, or watercraft insurance.

Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft insurance, or boat insurance, typically includes two standard elements and two optional extras. Standard features cover physical damage to the boat and liability for damage caused to others. Consider additional coverage for cleaning up oil spills in case of severe damage.

Child Life Insurance

Child life insurance, typically a whole life policy, covers funeral expenses, counseling, and parental leave in case of a child’s passing, easing potential financial challenges for parents.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic car coverage is unique, tailored to your vehicle’s specific needs. Protect your investment with a customized policy.

Earthquake Insurance

Get earthquake insurance for your home and building with a higher deductible. The primary goal is to mitigate the risk of total destruction.

Excess Liability Insurance

Excess liability coverage pays out after your main policy reaches its limit, making payouts less frequent and premiums lower.

Flood insurance

Flood insurance covers property damage, including structural and content-related expenses, resulting from floods. It is a separate policy, as standard homeowners’ insurance typically excludes flood damage.

Home and Auto Insurance (Bundled)

Bundling insurance means purchasing multiple insurance policies through one insurance company, which can make it easier to manage your insurance.

Home Warranty Protection

Home warranties, optional for appliances and systems, cover repair or replacement due to various issues like wear and tear, typically for one year.

Individual Dental Insurance

Individual dental insurance is crucial for overall health, detecting conditions like heart disease and diabetes through regular exams. It provides access to necessary preventive and corrective care.

Individual Long-Term Care Insurance

Individual long-term care insurance covers extended care services, filling financial gaps left by health insurance or Medicare. It supports individuals with prolonged needs due to chronic illness, disability, or cognitive impairment

Individual Vision Insurance

Individual vision insurance covers preventive care like eye exams, eyeglasses (frames and lenses), and contact lenses. Some plans may also include vision correction surgery like LASIK. Choose a plan based on your specific needs, considering factors such as age, vision, eye health, and the use of glasses or contacts.

Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Off-road vehicles like ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and more are often excluded from home and auto insurance policies. Standard policies may not cover these vehicles’ unique risks. Ensure your off-road vehicle has the specialized protection it needs.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance pays you regular income if a serious illness or accident prevents you from working, providing essential financial protection for you and your family.

Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance covers physical damage to the structure, personal property, liability, and additional living expenses. Optional coverage may include risks like flood or earthquake damage.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is simpler than human health coverage, with options like accidents only, accidents and illnesses, or comprehensive coverage, each involving a deductible and copayment.

Rental Property insurance

A rental property policy covers building and personal property damage, provides lost income for rental disruptions, and includes liability coverage for tenant injury lawsuits.

RV Insurance

RV coverage varies depending on travel, RV type, and driving history. Essential windshield coverage and enhanced protection for personal possessions are available for added peace of mind during trips.

Secondary Home Insurance

Secondary home insurance protects vacation or summer homes from unique risks, including property damage and liability. Review the policy for specific coverage details.

Short-Term Rental Insurance

Short-term rental platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo provide protection for hosts in case guests damage the property or sustain injuries. However, coverage limits are usually low, and there are often exclusions, even for the guests’ invitees.

Sinkhole Insurance

Don’t assume your home insurance covers sinkhole damage, as policies may have restrictions and usually only apply to catastrophic ground collapse or extreme sinkholes. Check for limitations related to natural phenomena.

Snowmobile Insurance

When insuring your snowmobile, consider liability coverage for collision-related costs and medical bills. Collision coverage is essential, especially for hired or leased snowmobiles.

Special Event Insurance

Special event insurance covers occasions like weddings or concerts, providing liability, cancellation, property, weather-related, liquor liability, and event-specific coverage. Customize the insurance based on the unique risks of the event.

Vacant Home Insurance

Vacant home insurance covers risks like fire, flooding, theft, and liability claims. It includes repairing or replacing the home and covers vandalism. Ensure the policy is in place before any incidents occur.

Valuable Possessions Insurance

Valuable possessions insurance covers high-value items like jewelry or artwork that may exceed the limits of standard homeowners or renters insurance. It ensures these valuable items are fully protected.

Wedding Insurance

insurance is customized to each couple’s unique needs, ensuring coverage tailored for the significance of their wedding day.

Yacht Insurance

Yacht insurance offers optional extras based on your needs, such as towing costs, coverage for collisions caused by uninsured boaters, or relocation expenses due to hurricane warnings.